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Slightly curved it fits in the 8mm tubes, It will take a Parker style refill. Aprox .765 long from the shoulder to tip. Used it in the Euro style 8mm pens or the Custom Sierra style pen.

$24.00 ea


Straight lines and a shoulder, it fits the 8mm tubes. Parker style refills.

$24.00 ea


This nib has a textured/ patterned shoulder, it fits the 8mm tubes, Parker style refills.

$22.00 ea

# 1014

Straight lines with 6 recessed areas for inlay. 8mm tubes, Parker refills

$22.00 ea

           8 mm tubes


7mm tube stepped shoulder  for Cross style refill



6 small recessed areas as a design


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Straigh taper wiith no step  for 7mm tubes


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