Clips can be attached to any size washer to match the diameter of the pen your making. They also can be ordered with a straight tab for invisble set clips. The washers that attach to the clip have to be turned to the finish inner diameter and then turned to the final outer diameter for the top of the pen body, They are then silver soldered to the clip  Whether its a Slimline or Cigar or Majestic size. They start at $9.50e  up to $20.00e  Stones and setting are Extra. 

A very elegant straight clip. Classic styling great for letting the pen stand out.
Part # 4001

1 3/4 long wings stick up above the washer. Choice of washer size to fit your needs or straight tab for invisible set look.
 # 4007

This clip is great for inlaying either a matching piece from the blank or an accent color  to set off the pen or a textured pattern insert.. This is the clip on the blue custom inlayed pen featured in the header above.
 # 4004


A very simple but elegant cross clip. 
Part #  4020

3 Dia.
Bayonet style with 3 diamond design, use as is or to inlay.
Part # 4019
Simple with style. It lets the Body of the pen make the bold statement with a simple understated design.
Part # 4008

Bayonet /stone set
Our simple bayonett style with a 3mm hole. As is  or inset a stone. Includes the silver washer to fit the tube size of your choice. Apx. 1.5 inches long
# 4021


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