M6.5 x .5 
This tap fits the current  Meister Nib style #5 feed assembly and the Schmidt roller ball conversion feed.  Use a "B" drill bit for this tap.

$30.00 each  plus shipping.

m6.5 x .5 -1 inch die.
Compliments the 6.5 x .5 tap
IN stock $70.00
M6.5 x .75mm 

Used on the JR Gent Feed assemblies and  some of the older style #5 feed assemblies from Meister Nib, (those are discontinued)     $30.00 each   
A  "C" drill bit is recommended for this tap.

We  start with taps for the Fountain pens.   
USA made.

7.4x .5mm  for the Meister Nib
#6  nib and feed holder assembly. 

I recommend a "J" drill bit for this tap.

m7.4 x .5 die Matches the Meisternib #6 tap 1 inch round die $70.00
7.5  x .75 Tap
this tap fits the Schmidt k6 threaded converter

$30.00 each

8.4x1mm  for the Baron/Sedona Navigator style pens and the Sierra style transmission threads   
$30.0 each.

"O" drill bit or the 8mm drill bit. 
The 5/16th drill bit may work but may be a little tight depending on your material and drill bit.
I have dies to match this tap.

In stock   $35.00
8.4 x  1 die only
This die when used with the 8.4 tap would be used on a pen that you want the cap threads to be 10mm. The 8.4 uses a J bit or drilled 7.9mm. this will allow the larger diameter converters to pass in and out for refill.  it can also be used with an 8.5 x.1 tap.  The difference of .1mm divided in half of .05mm per side is negligible for our purpose. 

IN stock now!

The triple lead tap and die sets for the cap and body
allows a quicker lock time. They cut 3 threads at once with a sharper angle than a single thread.
The cap can start threading on the pen  at any one of the three threads. This may change the effect on the pen design. The color or grain alignment when the cap is fully closed will change depending on which thread it started on.  
M12x.8x3  tap and die set.
1 inch die size

This set produces 3 threads( leads) at once for the cap threads on a pen instead of a single thread.

I recommend .464 for the pen body for cutting the male threads and a 7/16 drill for the female threads in the cap.

IN Stock
$135.00 a set plus shipping. 
M14 x.8 x 3 leads
A 14mm triple lead tap and die set for cap threads. The die is 1.5 inches

In stock 
Price $150.00 per set

M10 x .75 x 3 lead tap and die sets
1in die size

We had a larger pre sale than expected and we have all ready reordered my friends at Indy Pen Dance.com have a couple  for sale

We will be happy to ship overseas.  Please contact me for shipping prices. 

IN stock now 
 Price $135 per set

8.4 x 1 tap and die set.  

You can order them individually if needed or as a set . Save $5.00 on the set over individual prices

$100.00 for the set

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