Nibs range in price from $8.00to $35.00e. In order to be concentric, nibs must be turned and trued on the lathe after casting. All the parts are made to be epoxied in at final assembly. Use of a pen press would damage the finish on Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver fits in a 7/32 tube with a 3/16" id available from K&S Engineering, no shoulder and a more rounded style gives more shape than the others in this size.. 7mm-.095 opening, Made primarily to fit a Cross style refill it can be adapted to take a Parker style refill as well.
Part # 1001
$8.00 ea

Not as rounded as Part no 1001 for a crisper line to the pen body,  it also fits the7/32 tube.Cross style refill or Parker style with adaptation
Part # 1002
$8.00 ea

Straight lines with a shoulder aprox 7/16 long from shoulder to tip. Fits the 7/32 tube with a Cross style refill
Part # 1003
$8.00 ea
stepped shoulder and a second step aout at the tip. Fits 7mm tubes
SLimline style
Part # 1005
$15.00 ea
Sterling Silver, Slightly rounded gives a  a bullet like tip it is aprox .800 from the shoulder to the tip made for the slim line styles,  It fits a 7mm tube.  Made for a cross Cross style refill it can be adapted for the Parker style refill.
Part # 1006
$24.00 ea
1/2 an inch long from the shoulder to the tip this nib uses a 7mm  tube aprox .750 long from shoulder to tip,  straight lines with a step.
Part # 1007
$12.00 ea
This nib has 6 shallow areas recessed into the nib to inlay other pieces into. Different metal trims or part of the pen body materials or any thing else you can design to fit. Fits a 7mm tube, Cross refill only. 
Part # 1008
$15.00 ea

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