The FP6000 series are meant to replace the parts in the full sized kits. 

Full sets include your choice of clip or we can custom make a clip for you with your logo.
It does not include the tubes or nib. (#6)

Full sets start at $220.00

FP6002 Assembly

Includes the nib feed, O/D of the sholder where it meets the blank Is .598  It fits in  the 11.5mm lower tubes.  It can be customized to fit your needs for the other kit sizes.

FP6003 Center band
Delrin threaded insert it measures .650 O/D It can be adjusted for different diameters. It fits the 14.5mm tubes.

Fp6004  Lower Cap
The cap fits the lower 11.5mm tubes and has a recess in the top for an insert made by you.  It is .598 o/d. It can be turned down to your needs or to match the other full sized kit parts.
FP6005  Upper Cap

It fits the 14.5mm upper tubes, recess for an insert and is .650 in diameter.

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