The Fp1000 series uses a 10mm lower tube and 7/16 upper tube.  Kits provide everything incuding a Heritance steel nib. Options available are the front sections for Meister Nib and Bock  #5 feed assemblys.
1-upper tube 7/16
1 lower tube 10mm
1-#5 Heritance nib feed assembly inc.  steel Heritance nib
1- Schmidt converter 
Sterling Silver caps/finials, Center band, nib assembly and a clip


 Nib feed/nib holder   #5 nib size
 APx. 18.5mm/.728  long plus the threaded surface. 

Normaly sold as a set with 1002 nib connector .

$35.00 each
Fp 1002
NIb connector threaded inside for the nib holder and outside for the centerband.  
Apx 11.70mm/.461 od.  finished shoulder at the blank
Apx. 3.3mm/.129 thick shoulder
10mm tube
Fp1001/1002  set.

Set includes the nib connector assembly and the Heritance nib feed assembly. Now available to hold either Meister Nib (Jowo) or Bock #5 size feeds,.Not included.


Apx 13mm/.512 od. 
Apx 8.4mm/3.28 wide. This length can be shortened down to apx 4mm/.160

$35.00 each
Lower body cap/finial.
Apx. 11mm/.431 od
Apx. 11.3mm/.438 tall  
the top of the cap is recessed to allow you to inlay pen material or a custom logo etc.

$26.00 each
Upper body cap/finial.
Apx. 12.3mm/.487 up to 13mm/.512  od.
Apx.  5.7mm/.225 tall.
Recessed top

$26.00 each

Silver front nib holder for the Schmidt rollerball convertable tip. 

$35.00 each

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