We had Roller Ball refill replacement springs made just for those of us that make our Roller Ball pens without kits. 

No more raiding a kit when you drop one or the customer looses theirs. 

Apx .200 o/d and .4500 long 
USA made


A package of 5  roller ball springs     $2.50


A package of 10 rollerball springs     $4.50

Roller Ball springs

Epoxy 330 is a water clear epoxy made by Hughes Associates in the U.S.  It is used by jewlers every where for setting gemstones in bails, watch crystals,
or anyplace you need a non yellowing epoxy.

Each box contains 1 tube of 1/2 oz each, resin and hardner.

$6.00 a box
$10.00  for two boxes.

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