We have started to design Fountain pen kits as well as the ball point kits. 

FP1000, FP2000, FP3000.

The 2000 and 3000 upper assemblies will interchange as the cap threads are
 12 x.75mm for both.  Different finials are being developed  for all sizes as well as post able and non post able lower tube caps.    

Upper tubes can be as large as 9/16 brass tubing.  WE also have assemblies/parts that will fit/replace  most of the current popular fountain pen kits. 

We csn provide custom center bands and clips as needed for our clientèle.

We also have the 11.5mm upper tube and 10mmlower tube sets. These are the Baron/Navigator Sedona sized Fountain pens. FP7000 and FP8000 series (not shown) We also have Front sections for Bock and Mesiter Nib feed assemblies.
The 1000 series features a 10mm lower tube and a #5 nib for clients who prefer smaller pens.  It uses a 7/16 upper tube for the cap.  We use the  Heritance #5 nib and feed holder. It is tapped for 6.4x.5mm threads
The pen is apx 144.5mm/5.700in  long. It can be shortened or lengthend as needed.

The 2000 series uses a 13/32 lower tube and 
a 1/2 tube for the cap. It uses a Mesiter Nib #6 nib holder and feed. It is tapped for 7.4x.5mm threads

The 3000 series has a 1/2 inch lower tube and 17/32 upper.  It Features the Heritance Large nib and feed holder size #6. Tapped thread size 8.4x.75mm. Apx 5.75/144.7mm long

 We also now have both a #5 F/P nib and Rollerball nib set that will interchange and both fit the larger pen bodies.  Fitting into the m10x.5 threaded nib connectors.

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