We are currently working on designs to inlay into the finials. This will be available in most tube sizes. The pen at the top of the Nibs page is an example. 

Cap/Finials start at $8.00 and range upward of $40.00 for larger pieces.

Please Contact us for any questions or ordering information. We are currently Under Construction but up and running and able to fill orders.
This cap fits the 10mm tubes it can be used on the Custom cigar with an 8mm short tube epoxied in place.  Apx .450 dia.
# 5001
$15.90 ea
6 recessed area for possible inlay on the sides and recessed in the top as well. It fits the 10mm tubes and can be used on the custom cigar with an 8mm tube epoxied in place. Aprox .490dia.
# 5002
$16.90 ra
Flat top for the Custom cigars, epoxy in the 8mm tube and trim to fit. Apx. .500 dia
$13.90 ea
Another cigar style cap with 8mm tube epoxied in and trimmed it fits the standard 10mm tubes. Aprox. .460dia.
# 5006
$13.90 ea
This is made for the custom Sierra style pens. It fits the 10.5mm upper tubes and slides over the transmission . 
$30.00 ea
This is the custom Atlas style pens cap. it fits the Trans mission sliding down to match the upper tube.
$33.00 ea
This cap is for the Custom Sierra styles. It is made to take a .200 in tall ring of either extra material or a textured band that would match the other custom parts with the same texture. 
# 5027
$32.00 ea

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