We are currently working on the FP950 series Fountain pen and should have it ready with in the week. It will feature a .375/9.3mm tube for the lower body of the pen.  The upper cap will be the same components as the Fp1000 with a 7/16 upper tube.   The FP950 will have an outside finished diameter of .425/10.8mm for the lower pen pody. tubes should be painted prior to assembly.

Fp1001 lower nib/feed holder. #5 nib.

NIb connector
Apx. .425/10.8mm od
Apx 3mm/.115 thick
Lower body cap.
apx .425/10.8mm od
Apx 10.8mm/.425 tall
recessed cap

We have added additional front sections to our line up. these new front sections will take either Bock or Meister Nib (Jowo)  #5  and #6 sizes. They  feature a more tradional flare at the nib. 
Prices start at $35.00  or can be included in a pen component set.

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