Center Bands can be as simple as a 3mm 1/8 thick band or as elaborate as the inlayed pieces for the custom Sierra  and cigar style pens.

Aprox .220 tall and .500 in dia.( 1/2/13mm)
slightly rounded on the bottom there is a relief cut to cover over  the bottom body up to 11mm, 7/16 dia.
$8.00 ea

Apx 1/16 in  2mm tall this is an excellent band for capping the lower end of the upper tube. Apx .480 or 1/2in in diameter.  
$3.00 ea

This is the inlay center piece for the custom cigar.  the lower connecting piece fits up inside the centerband. DO NOT DROP IT ON THE FLOOR
$27.00 ea

Aprox 1/8 in tall (3mm) and 1/2 dia (13mm)the bottom is rounded over and is relief cut to cover an 11mm  bottom blank.. Perfect for a custom Euro style pen
$4.50 ea
Aprox .200in tall (5mm) 1/2 or 13mm in diameter it has a wide center step  the bottom is relief cut for a 10mm dia body.
$7.50 ea
3012 center band 
Aprox 12.5 (.492) diameter by .230 (5.7mm) tall it has 3 flat bands slightly rounded on the bottom no relief cut on the bottom.
$8.00 ea
For 7mm tube
 Centerband with pattern can be turned down from 9mm to 8.3mm


Apx .250 (6.2mm) tall and 1/2 (13mm) dia. it has 3 rounded beads  the relief cut on the bottom fits aapx 11mm/7/16 lower body. 
$9.00 ea

 Siera style center band but with a thicker center than 3017so that the outside may be threaded to make a click style pen.
price includes threading

Aprox .500  (1/2 or 13mm) this makes the basic custom Sierra style center band piece. It can be threaded 8.4mm x 1 for the standard trans mission or have a 8mm tube soldered in and trimmed to fit. the lower end fits into an 8mm standard tube using one of our 8mm nibs. The tube length is adjusted according to your design and length of the transmission tube. the upper end fits into the standard Sierra style 10,5mm body tube. 
$25.00 ea
6 inlay areas match several of our cap and nib pieces or use it by itself.  Apx. 5/16 8.3mm tall and 13mm 1/2 in dia. it is relief cut to fit over an 11mm 7/16 apx, dia. lower body.
$20.00 ea

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